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Englısh Educatıon

Welcome to Eryaman Koleji English department. This department exists in an academic environment where English is learned and studied as a second language. We directs efforts to train, educate, and produce global citizens with strong fundamentals and adequate competencies to undertake further (high school) education both locally and internationally where English is the medium of instruction.

The growth of technology is evident across the globe and is the primary fuel of global economic and social development. English is without doubt the language of this digital transformation, known as industry 4.0. Therefore, at Eryaman Koleji, we help children to not only study this global language but we create environment for children to use and live the language, thereby, equipping them to successfully sail across our digitally demanding world.

To this end, Eryaman Koleji has partnered with Cambridge English Language Assessment which is part of the University of Cambridge. Our work is  structured and guided towards the completion of the relevant curricula in order to develop the core skills of our students – reading, writing, listening and speaking. With this, we aim to provide each of our students the complementary skills to use the language and adequately prepare for internationally recognised Cambridge qualifications – Starters, Movers and Flyers – which are based on the Council of Europe’s Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CERF) used across the world to map learner’s progress in English.

Our partnership with Cambridge English Language Assessment has brought significant benefits to our learning ecosystem. We now boast of quality learning resources that include textbooks, workbooks, and extra resource books. We use digitized learning resources that include whiteboard presentation software and other forms of digital learning resources. All the students at Eryaman Koleji can access the Cambridge Learning Management Systems (CLMS) for tons (audio, videos, games, etc.) of tailored learning resources right at the comfort of their homes.

We prepare our students for the LGS examination which is based on the Ministry of Education (MEB) curriculum as well.

While we are hard at work, we do not forget the fact that ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’. Therefore, we have English clubs that organise lot of activities and field trips to provide fun and entertainment to students throughout the academic year.

The English department is the largest department at Eryaman Koleji which is made of highly trained, qualified, experienced and dedicated local and foreign teachers to guide our students along the learning process. Still, our teachers regularly benefit from teacher training programmes provided by Cambridge English Language Assessment in the form of seminars, workshops and other relevant teacher development programmes.

Come to Eryaman Koleji! Come to learn and use the English Language!